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A message from our team
Soula Cargakis
"The building of relationships within Associated Advisory Practices has been the core of its success, it is exciting to see AAP develop its culture and so many licensees embrace the opportunities that the group offers."
Soula Cargakis - Chief Executive Officer


We know that independence is important to you. Maintaining your identity and the freedom to provide tailored advice without strings attached are just two of the reasons you are probably not working for a large corporate financial brand.

The reality is, running a small business is hard. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same sort of resources that big business enjoys to help protect and grow your own practice? With AAP you can have the best of both worlds.

Big Business Benefits

As a boutique practice, finding the time, tools and expertise to grow your business can be difficult. Keeping up with the shifting financial landscape, benchmarking your business practices and even maintaining your licence can also be a struggle. Professional development and keeping in touch with like-minded colleagues are some of the other luxuries that you only seem to get in larger practices. Well that is, until now. As an AAP affiliated financial planner, you get all of these benefits and more - without sacrificing your independence.